INNO-TECH pyramid shape tea bag packing machines

German-made State of the Art high-speed Triangular and Rectangular teabag packing machine


  • machine type: Tea Bag Packing Machine
  • bag format: pyramid & square tea bag with envelope

INNO-TECH REVO SMART KOMBI Triangular and Rectangular teabag packing machine & Enveloping unit



image001Packing Solutions:

  • Triangular teabag (naked)
  • Rectangular teabag (naked)
  • Triangular teabag (with envelope)
  • Rectangular teabag (with envelope)
  • Loose tea in envelope
  • Family size single chamber teabag (without string & tag)


Key Facts:

  • Equipped with a high quality 14 Multihead Weigher for most precise dosing
  • Up to 80 bags per minute
  • Siemens S7-1500 PLC
  • Triangular bag size can be changed (additional Format set)
  • Rectangular bag length changeable by parameter setting only (no additional format set)
  • PLA mesh, PLA Non-Woven, Nylon mesh, Non-Woven
  • Envelope size is flexible and can be changed by manual setting only without additional format set (dimensions: W50-110mm, H70-150mm)
  • Packing loose tea into outer envelope (without teabag)
  • Heat sealable filter paper can be used instead of envelope foil for family size single chamber teabag production.
  • Made in Germany



  • 230/400 V, 50Hz, 3 phases N/ PE


  • 6 bar constant, condensate and oil-free

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