Rychiger filling & sealing machines

FS 1100


The Rychiger FS 1100 fills and seals prefabricated portion packs of all kinds. The unique «Walking Beam» transport system with beam construction prevents product spills from being carried through the machine, can be wet cleaned and meets the most demanding hygienic standards. The FS 1100 is of modular construction, can be configured in any order and is flexibly adaptable to just about
any product, packing material and process requirements.


Sealing and Transport Module

– Heat sealing or ultrasonic technology
– Ultra-precise sealing station with closed force flow
– Servo-mechanically driven knee-lever sealing system
– Single tools with highly precise sealing pressure
– Individual temperature control of each sealing tool
– Automatic sealing beam lift system for easy accessibility
– «Walking Beam» transport system (beam construction)
– Robust modular design with servo-motor drive (king shaft)
– Overlapping movements positively controlled by cams for maximum process reliability

Punching and Sealing from Roll Stock

– Punching and sealing in a single step (One-Stroke technology)
– Various punching dies for aluminium and plastic foils
– Specialized Rychiger foil guide: 15–30% less material consumption compared with other systems

Sealing of Pre-Cut Lids

– Lid feed from magazine directly into sealing tool
– Lids vacuum fixed on sealing tool
– Absolute centred sealing of lid and container

Transport Module

– «Walking Beam» transport system (beam construction)
– Separation of process area and drives
– Mechanical drive coupled to sealing module (king shaft)
– Flexible integration of additional process functions

Container Destacking

– Versions with knife or sliding plates
– Manual or automatic loading to stacking magazines

Container Exit

– Exit slide
– Pick-and-Place system
– Option: Integrated reject-system

Product Filler

– Liquids
– Pasty/highly pasty products
– Chunky products
– Powdered products


– Touch screen with process visualization
– Permanent monitoring of all relevant process parameters
– Control from Allen Bradley
– Other manufacturers on request

Optional Additional Functions

– Seamless integration of further product-specific functions over standardized interfaces, e.g. robotics, inspection and camera systems, third-party filler, check weigher, container inverter, mirrored versions etc.






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