Rychiger filling & sealing machines

FS 340


The Rychiger FS 340 model has been specially designed to offer a wide range of functions for use in hygiene applications. The modular balcony design and oval plate transport system are easy to clean. In addition to filling and sealing of preformed containers of any type, the machine can be extended with various additional functions.


Transport Module

– Base frame with clearly separated product and drive elements
− Container transport on plates along high-precision spring steel belt in an oval rotary system
− Working area on transport plate 300 - 340 mm
− Excellent positioning accuracy by means of servo motor
− Functions can be freely arranged along the rear panel
− Integration of insulated area for processing under shielding gas, controlled ambient or laminar flow conditions
− Machine end designed for attachment of various exit options (pick&place, robot)

Container Infeed / Destacker

– Destacker for stackable containers with knives or sliders
− Direct loading into stack channels or through buffer system
− Sorting pot infeed and centrifugal transfer for non-stackable containers supplied in bulk

Punching / Sealing / Welding Module

– Hot-sealing or ultrasound technology with material supplied on reels or in magazines
− Punching and sealing in a single process (one-stroke technology)
− Ultra-precision sealing station with closed force flux
− Available with lifting and swivelling tools for easy cleaning and maintenance
− All tools with individual guide system and air spring support
− Sealing parameters can be individually set and monitored for each lane

Filling Systems

– Dosing of powdery products by means of volumetric screw conveyor or alternative filling system
− Dosing of liquids through various dosing systems (peristaltic pump, piston dosing device or time-pressure dosing system)
− Dosing systems designed for individual lane operation as standard Control Systems
– Weighing system with feedback signal to dosing unit for automated weight control
− Filling level monitoring with optical sensors
− Camera monitoring for functional and visual defects

Control / Operation

– Touch screen with process visualization
− Continuous monitoring of all relevant process parameters
− Control systems from Allen Bradley or Siemens

Additional Functions / Documentation

– Qualification documentation (DQ, IQ, OQ) available on request
− Marking systems by means of printing unit (inkjet, digital, etc.)
− Other product-specific functions such as robot or pick&place solutions for container assembly can be flexibly integrated



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