Wooshin FA packing machines

Top of the range pyramid and rectangular teabag packing machines at competitive prices.

Wooshin FA Compo 2000

  • machine type: Tea Bag Packing Machine
  • bag format: Square Tea bags
  • bag type: with Envelope Packing

products compo 2000WOOSHIN FA COMPO-2000
Square Tea Bag Packing Machine with Envelope Packing


Special Features

  • Has special design hard tags – does not need thread and normal tags
  • Special design tags can be made in the machine
  • Printing possible on various tag shapes such as Violin, Guitar, Viola etc
  • Separate packing of tea and sugar in the same tea bag
  • Filling by volumetric cup
  • Unique tea bag packing machine in the world


Packaging capacity   50~60 Tea Bags / min. with                            

       Envelope Packing

Sealing method        Heat sealing

Bag size                 2000S: 48x70mm

                            2000B: 58x80mm

Envelope size          2000S: 70x100mm

                            2000B: 80x100-110mm

Fill Volume              2000S: 0.5-3gms

                            2000B: 3-6gms

Machine dimensions  W1800 x L2000 x H2100mm

Weight                   1300kg

Electricity               AC 220V/5.0kW/50-60Hz/1P

Air Consumption       300 lts/minute

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