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The key to the thread of a teabag is maintaining a consistent thickness. Interfil uses a controlling system that detects and corrects faults. Therefore consistency of standard is maintained and faulty teabags as a result are limited. The thread is also waterproofed and oiled, to make the thread smoother.

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Interfil is in the cotton threads market since 1930 and it's company is specialized in cotton threads for tea bag suitable for every kind of tea bag machine since 1987.

We supply 100% Cotton, 100% Organic Cotton, 100% PLA Ingeo and 100% Polypropilene yarns for tea bags.

Every our items are certified with OEKO-TEX Standard 100, concerning the raw material and the dyeing process and also certified for the conformity with the Foodstuffs by ISEGA Laboratories / Germany for the final thread.

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With our "Quality Assurance ISO 9001:2000" we monitor all key processes, starting from raw cotton ginnery, spinning, twisting dyeing and final winding. Therefore we assure you that each cone produced by us has the following features:

1) Basic production cycle with Ringspun or Open End system
2) Electronically controlled yardage
3) Minimum defects left which may caused stoppages (Elkocontrol)
4) Waterproofing system in the final thread
5) Splicing system to avoid knots

For the European Community Laws and U.S: Food and Drugs Administration one, we comply with the following rules for all our items:
1) Use raw cotton at 100% free from defoliants and other chemicals (as from certification OEKO-TEX Standard 100)
2) Treat cottons for mildew prevention
3) Dyeing with non optical chemicals (as from certification OEKO-TEX Standard 100)
4) Boil and Sterilized the thread
5) Lubrificate threads with edible oils and wax
6) All our raw material and the Dyeing process are accomanied from "Passed for harmful substances" (as from certification OEKO-TEX Standard 100)

For more information, please contact us or visit the Interfil Website

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