HST - machines

German-made State of the Art teabag packing machines with knotting units. Easy to use and adjustable, with low-energy consumption. Low operational costs with high resale value.

HST - GK 33

  • machine type: Complete automatic teabag packaging machine
  • bag format: extra large heatsealable single chamber filter bags
  • bag type: caddy bag with heatsealed outer enveloped

Caddy tea bag single chamberCaddy Bag HSTComplete automatic caddy teabag packaging machine for heatsealable single chamber filter bags - with or without outer foil envelope.

Higher speed up to 60 bags per minute!






- now up to 60 caddy teabags / minute

Production Range

- heatsealed outer foil envelopes

Packaging Solutions

- discharge on conveyor belt


Special Features

- now 6 lines linear scale (6 weighing channels)
- State of the Art Technology
- Low machine price
- Low maintenance costs
- Low spare part costs
- German Engineering; 100% made in Germany
- Easy to operate
- Mechanical driven machine therefore long life cycle
- Easy to maintain
- Compact size
- High Flexiblity
- Technical service back-up system


  GK 20 GK 33
Bag Sizes (cm) 11,7 x 5 11,7 x 5
Envelope Sizes (cm) -        13,8 x 7,2
Filling quality (g/ml) 5/16 (max.) 5/16 (max.)
Label sizes (cm) 8 x 5 8 x 5
Speed (bags / min) 60 (max.) 60 (max.)
Power connection (kW) 2,6 3,3
Energy consumption (kWh) 2,0 2,3
Dimensions (cm) 210 x 120 x 230 210 x 120 x 230
Weight (kg) 850 900
Compressed Air (bar) 4-6 4-6


All machines are equipped with a Touch Panel KTP 700 and with a SPS S7 control and Software by Siemens.



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