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Glatfelter is the world market leader in supplying the best in class heatsealable and non-heatselable filter paper convertible in all designs and formats branded, own label and the catering sectors.

Glatfelter Quality Paper


1st in Sustainable Filter Paper 


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First heatsealable filter paper in its category to be made of natural plant based PLA ­ fibers

Biodegradable and compostable according to EN 13432

Based on fully sustainable and renewable ­ fibers such as abaca, cellulose pulps and ­ fibers

Available for all common packaging lines


Glatfelter Tea Bag Filter Paper

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Glatfelter CFBU is a leading supplier of specialty paper worldwide.

This Business Unit of the P.H. Glatfelter company in York, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. is a specialist in the development and processing of nonwovens and long-fiber papers. Using inclined wire production techniques, CFBU produces and supplies beverage filtration papers, battery pasting, capacitor and insulation papers, wet-laid nonwoven wallcover base, wipes, homecare and other specialties, glassine, overlay papers and added-value metallized products for labeling and packaging.

CFBU’s global network includes headquarters in Gernsbach, Germany, production sites in the U.K. with mills in Caerphilly and Lydney, a paper mill in Scaer, France, and mills in Dresden, Gernsbach and Ober-Schmitten, Germany. We also have a specialty abaca pulp mill in Philippines, Balo-I. Glatfelter’s paper mills are known as being among the most modern in the world, manufacturing products for the most sophisticated market applications. Built on the goal of outstanding customer service, Glatfelter has established offices in Gainesville, USA, Suzhou, China, Hong-Kong and Moscow, Russia, as well as an extensive sales and global agent network.

Tea and Coffee Filter Papers

High-performance filter papers that appeal to all senses

Since the 1960’s, Glatfelter has developed an extensive range of specialist high-performance filter papers. Today, we offer a comprehensive selection of non-heat-sealable and heat-sealable filter papers.

All papers ensure:

  • Excellent runability
  • Consistent quality
  • Taste neutrality
  • Superior infusion and first-class extraction support
  • Best retention properties
  • Logo opportunities
  • Biodegradable filter papers for sustainable tea products
  • Highest quality, hygiene and environmental standards


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Glatfelter Tea Bag Filter Paper

Non-heat-sealable tea filter paper

  • Formed from a basis of sustainable high-quality abaca, and other fibers
  • Excellent tea retention feature
  • Superior crimp strength with fast packaging lines

Heat-sealable tea filter paper

  • Unique and complex blend of specialty fibers improves heat sealability
  • Ideal for tea bag products, that require high seal strength
  • Can be used at maximum outputs in the latest high-speed packaging equipment

Super-seal tea filter paper

  • Formed from a basis of natural and man-made fibers in a specialist production process
  • Designed and developed for high seal strength products
  • Superb seal strengths, also during extended hot water exposure


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Glatfelter Coffee Filter Paper

Capsules/ K-Cups

  • Particle retention thanks to unique filtration properties
  • Quality solutions for Nespresso “Me too” and Italian espresso capsules
  • Ideal crema production
  • High pressure resistance

Pods (E.S.E.)/ Pads/ Pouches

  • Finest runability for optimal production rates
  • Impeccable brewability and extractability
  • Ideal crema production
  • Individual branding options available


  • Customizable solutions for all machines
  • Good filtration features

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Make your tea bag talk…

Maintaining a strong brand presence throughout the lifecycle of a teabag or coffee pad has been a challenge that the industry’s premium brands have faced for many years. Glatfelter offers the solution:      

       PERFOTEC - structures and patterns for increased differentiation

       NELTEC - crisp and impressive pre-use logo visibility

       PRINTEC - unique wet effects for brand and promotion

  • Impressively and convincingly enhancing the perception of your brand
  • Creating memorable moments for consumers
  • Offering new ideas for consumer-facing activity
  • Discouraging and preventing counterfeiting
  • Ensuring full reliability, flexibility and unrivalled customer service
  • Highest hygiene and food safety standards

For more information, please contact us or visit the Glatfelter Website



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