1Herbal and fruit infusions

The public’s growing interest in healthy food and lifestyles, along with a growing awareness of the positive effects of herbs, fruits and spices, have spawned a huge upswing in this segment. This is where MartinBauer can showcase their core competencies, which they have developed since 1930.

The vast portfolio is based on the great variety of nature's treasures including monoproducts or blends, with or without flavoring, as well as different types of coarse, fine or special cut sizes of course with appropriate packageability. The herbal and fruit infusions can be used for both hot and cold infusions (cold brew) and can be enriched with additives such as vitamins, trace elements or minerals.


Medicinal teas

The use of herbs for healing purposes has a long tradition. Herbs release their special effects best in the form of tea. MartinBauer offer a wide range of medicinal teas that meet pharmaceuticals requirements: due to the careful selection of raw materials, GMP-certified production and extensive laboratory analyses, you can be sure that the active ingredients content required for your product is always accurate.



Black and green teas

Carefully refined black or green teas, and novel taste combinations are globally rising trends. Decades of experience with botanicals and a deep passion for tea put MartinBauer in a great spot to offer a broad variety of specialty teas. The flavors are specially designed for tea and add authentic and exclusive notes to blends.



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